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High School Term Paper: Preparation Before the Essay

High School Term Paper: Preparation Before the EssayIn a school with only a limited amount of work space, a high school term paper can be a stressful and frustrating task. The stresses involved in completing the project can prevent students from being able to concentrate on other aspects of their education.The first thing that a student should do before submitting a term paper is to plan it out thoroughly. As a rule, students will not complete a term paper if they do not know how they are going to go about the whole process. It is essential that they have a clear plan on what the term paper will entail, and the time frame that is required for it to be completed.The term paper may include a lot of writing, spelling, grammar, and research. Students are required to gather as much information as possible for the assignment. A plan is essential in order to ensure that everything is completed on time and at a reasonable pace.Sometimes, these students find it difficult to sit down with thei r paper for the entire length of time, especially when the high school term paper has a number of sections. The only way to avoid that is to make a schedule of when it is going to be assigned and that the assignment will be completed in a particular time frame.Many students are forced to put off the completion of their school term paper until the last minute, which leads to unneeded stress when it comes to the final deadline. A plan that is detailed and includes all of the needed information helps students maintain focus. The schedule is also necessary so that the students know what they have to do each day.When planning a term paper, students should remember that the priority for completing the assignment is the writing portion of the assignment. High school students will find it very difficult to finish a term paper with only an hour to do their homework and study. The most important thing for students to remember when planning a high school term paper is that they must be sure th at the assignment is completely completed on time. A proper planning can help students prepare and get the most out of the assignment. This way, they will have more time to complete other classes and to enjoy their daily activities.

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The War On Afghanistan And Iraq - 2333 Words

The war on Afghanistan and Iraq was a learning experience for the United States foreign policy. On September 11th, 2001 nineteen Al Qaeda members hijacked four planes, two of which crashed into the world trade center, another into the pentagon and the last into Shanksville, Pennsylvania (Scholastic). The man who was behind this attack was Osama bin Laden and with refusal to hand him over, the United States quickly prompted an attack on Afghanistan. The second war which began in 2003 was due to the belief that Saddam Hussein had acquired weapons of mass destruction which was a direct threat to the safety of the United States, in addition there were also claims that Saddam Hussein had ties with Al Qaeda and was being supported by Osama†¦show more content†¦The war in Afghanistan which has become the longest war in American history has also become one of the most expensive war in history behind the war in Iraq, which justifies the idea that the United States is unable to manage their expenses and resources in times of war. The war which has lasted for thirteen years along with two years of soldiers still stationed in Afghanistan has caused America to invest a lot into the war against terror. The cost of the Afghanistan war alone has reached almost 1 trillion dollars and counting. The Money has been used for military defense, medical aid, reconstruction, and post war relief (PBS). All of these expenses are from tax payer’s dollars and money that was borrowed and comes with a hefty amount of interest, 124 billion dollars already paid (CNBC). A total of almost two trillion dollars was borrowed and was approximately 20% of the total United States debt (Global Research). During this war money was not being spent effectively, one example includes 6.5 million dollars on communication towers that were never used. For the reconstruction of Afghanistan approximately 104 billion dollars was used and a billions of dollars lost due to wasteful spending, fraud a nd corruption (MSNBC). Exact values cannot even be placed on where the money went exactly and how much was really lost because the costs were never detailed by the government and further exemplifies the idea that the United States is unable to manage their spending

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Essay The Central Question of Hamlet - 2409 Words

The Central Question of Hamlet Hamlets tragedy is a tragedy of failure-the failure of a man placed in critical circumstances to deal successfully with those circumstances. In some ways, Hamlet reminds us of Brutus in Shakespeares Julius Caesar. Hamlet and Brutus are both good men who live in trying times; both are intellectual, even philosophical; both men want to do the right thing; both men intellectualize over what the right thing is; neither man yields to passion. But here the comparison ends, for though both Brutus and Hamlet reflect at length over the need to act, Brutus is able immediately to act while Hamlet is not. Hamlet is stuck thinking too precisely on th event-. Hamlets father, the king of Denmark, has†¦show more content†¦(Act 5, scene 2 . . . to Horatio) Yet he delays. It is this delay in performing the act he has sworn to accomplish which leads to Hamlets death. The poison on the tip of Laertes sword is but a metaphor for the poison of procrastination which has been coursing through Hamlets system throughout the play. Hamlets thoughts focus upon death rather than upon action. His words show an intense longing for death: O that this too too solid flesh would melt Thaw and resolve itself into a dew, Or that the everlasting had not fixed His canon gainst self-slaughter. (Act I, scene 2) In Act 3, Scene 1 Hamlet restates this theme: To be, or not to be, that is the question- The answer eludes Hamlet throughout the play, perhaps because it is the wrong question. Hamlet is alive and to be alive means to do, not merely to be. It is his inability to do, his tendency to reflect rather than to act which poisons Hamlets resolve and causes his tragic death. If the central question of the play is Why doesnt Hamlet kill Claudius immediately upon hearing the ghosts accusation? the easiest answer is that if Hamlet had done so, the play would have ended in Act I. And then Hamlet, Prince of Denmark would be a tragedy of plot management. In his 1904 work Shakespearean Tragedy,* A. C. Bradley describes Hamlet as a play which includes eight violent deaths, adultery, a ghost, a mad woman, and a fight in a grave. Here areShow MoreRelatedLiterature Is the Question Minus the Answer Essays613 Words   |  3 PagesCritic Roland Barthes has said, â€Å"Literature is the question minus the answer.† Choose a novel or play and, or considering Barthes’ observation, write an essay in which you analyze a central question the work raises and the extent to which it offers any answers. Explain how the author’s treatment of this question affects your understanding of the work as a whole. Literature, as any other kind of art, is abstract and gives the readers the possibility of applying different meanings and thereforeRead MoreEssay Hamlets Flaws and Sanity1085 Words   |  5 PagesWilliam Shakespeare’s â€Å"Hamlet† is a classic revenge tale. â€Å"Hamlet† is well known for the famous soliloquy â€Å"To be, or not to be† which I find best to describe Hamlet’s character. Hamlet was given the task to avenge his father’s death. As the story progress Hamlet begins to question his worthiness, questioning his very existence. Hamlet’s emotions influence his every action throughout the story. Hamlet is not the typical hero that readers label; he has many imperfections and displays his own mannerRead MoreAn author can reveal characteristics of characters in literature through several different methods.900 Words   |  4 Pagesfigurative language. In Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, imagery is used to characterize central characters to the play. Firstly, Hamlet’s characteristics are revealed through the imagery of death in his speech. Secondly, Claudius’ characteristics are revealed through the imagery in the Ghost and Hamlet’s descriptions of him, as well as his own thoughts. It is through this visually descriptive and figurative language, that readers can identify characteristics of these central characters. The beginningRead MoreHamlet Character Analysis918 Words   |  4 PagesIn the play Hamlet, Shakespeare raises the question regarding deception and the differences between â€Å"seeming† and â€Å"being†. Each character is trying to decipher what each other are truly thinking, contrary to what they are pretending to think. Shakespeare sets Hamlet up to illustrate the complexity of how one must deceive others to reveal the truth.  ¬Ã‚ ¬The coexistence of appearances and reality develops as the Danish court gets engulfed in a web of corruption, lies and deception. Through how ShakespeareRead MoreImpossibility of Certainty in Hamlet1296 Words   |  6 PagesThe Impossibility of Certainty in Hamlet â€Å"Doubt is that state of mind where the questioner faces no single answer nor the lack of one, but rather a choice between a pair of alternatives.† – Harry Levin in The Question of Hamlet It is appropriate that William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is regarded as the Bard’s greatest dramatic enigma, for misunderstanding is the unavoidable condition of Hamlet’s quest for certainties. Not only is Hamlet bewildered by puzzling visions and by commands seeminglyRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Hamlet - Conversation Enabler1332 Words   |  6 PagesIn Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Ophelia is one of the most elusive characters of the play and her importance is very hard to pinpoint and has raised eyebrows for centuries. For example, the scene of her death is one that artists have depicted over and over, yet that iconic moment is merely alluded to and happens off stage. This reflects Ophelia’s character very well considering that she is often at the periphery of the action; more talked about then talked to. There are many questions surrounding OpheliaRead MoreMeaning Of Existentialism In Hamlet1446 Words   |  6 Pagesbecome what one chooses is also libera ting. Hamlet is an embodiment of existentialism as he exemplifies its core concepts such as anguish, despair and absurdity; his perplexity on life and death as well as his reflections on human existence reflect his predicament in the universe in which he becomes aware of his alienation from the human condition, thus exemplifying the existentialist essence of the play write. The central concern of Hamlet is also the question of all man, †What a piece of work is aRead MoreWilliam Shakespeares Hamlet Essay751 Words   |  4 PagesWilliam Shakespeares Hamlet Hamlet might well claim to be Shakespeares most famous play because of its language and the charm of its central character. Shakespeare wrote some thirty-eight plays. Taken individuallyRead More Reality and Illusion in Shakespeares Hamlet - Reality, Appearance and Deception875 Words   |  4 PagesReality and Illusion in Hamlet    Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, begins with the appearance of a ghost, an apparition, possibly a hallucination. Thus, from the beginning, Shakespeare presents the air of uncertainty, of the unnatural, which drives the action of the play and develops in the protagonist as a struggle to clarify what only seems to be absolute and what is actually reality. Hamlets mind, therefore, becomes the central force of the play, choosing the direction of the conflict by hisRead MoreThe Effects Of Soliloquy On Elizabethan Audience954 Words   |  4 Pagesrevenge tragedy play Hamlet, the prevailing themes of revenge, madness, and morality were recognized by the Elizabethan audience and appealed to them. The play s central focus is on a young prince, Hamlet, who has gone through many challenges to avenge his father s death. Prince Hamlet got his revenge on his deceitful uncle, Claudius, the same man who murdered his father and married Hamlet s mother. From the original text of the play, a major s cene in Act 4 shows where Hamlet decides that it s

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Reflective Report for Science and Research-myassignmenthelp.com

Question: Write about theReflective Report for Science and Research. Answer: Introduction This reflection report defines that there are different advantages and disadvantages of using cloud computing in companies and business unit. This self-reflection is clearly defined about the learning which I got while attaining the research objectives and attaining the expected conclusion. The advantages and disadvantages of using cloud computing in the business are being determined. I also gained my learning experience regarding several sources from which data can be gathered for the research. It also evaluates that data is analyzed by using different methods and also exemplifies the different techniques to obtain the desired outcome[1]. Evaluate the effectiveness and your usefulness of the learning experience This research is beneficial to assess the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing in business. I learned that cloud computing is used to provide a business solution in which company is ready to adopt it for accomplishing their objectives and get success. I also gained my understanding that cloud computing is a real technology which is exercised in present scenario for starting the doors for the upcoming era. In addition, I observed that depth understanding about cloud computing can be supportive for me to make my future in the computer sector. At the same time, It can also be evaluated that knowledge about research methodology can support to gain my conceptual understanding in depth. It will help to make an effective research in future[2]. Explain how this learning process will be useful to you I did many activities in task 1 and task 2. In the assignment 2 some activities that I learned such as research hypothesis, research aims and objectives, research questions, research methodology, research limitation, and time schedule. In addition, I analyzed that research question can be pre-assumption to complete the research objectives. In addition, I observed that the development of hypothesis can also be imperative for obtaining the positive result about research issue. I improved my learning experience in various manners as I can implement this understanding and perception into future. I also developed my understanding regarding benefits of cloud computing. In this way, I learned that cloud computing is effective for the corporation as it facilitates workforces to obtain access the function and agenda of downloading software. As a result, I am competent to use cloud computing in my organization which would be beneficial to enhance my personal as well as professional life. This research is also significant for me as it has developed different advantages of cloud computing like capital expenditure fees, flexibility, security, work from anywhere, document control, competitiveness and environmentally friendly[3]. This learning experience was effective to implement the cloud computing strategy in further research. In addition to this, I also created my understanding about the data collection method such as primary and secondary collection method. I learned that primary data collection method can be effective to collect the fresh information regarding research dilemma. I also created my knowledge about the sources of primary data collection method such as observation method, questionnaire, and interview method. Besides this, I also learned about secondary data collection method that will be significant to collect the data from available data. Along with this, I understood about the sampling size and techniques of sampling such as probability sampling method. Mo reover, this method allows the researcher to provide equality in reacting about the survey through a questionnaire. It will be supportive to mitigate the biases from the research (Liu, et al., 2015). Describe objectively what happened in the learning process I did different activities for collecting the data regarding advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing in business practices. I read that there are different disadvantages of using cloud computing in business. These are vulnerability to attack, higher cost, dependencies, security and privacy, downtime and flexibility. Along with this, I also created my knowledge towards the research type that supports to meet the goal of research in an efficient manner. In this way, I understood that research onion framework can provide knowledge towards research philosophy, research approaches, research strategies, research choices, time horizon, and techniques. In addition, I gained my awareness about the realism, interpretivism, and positivism in the research philosophy. It will be effective to collect the appropriate result regarding research dilemma (Mahboob, et al., 2016). At the same time, I gained my depth knowledge about interpretivism research philosophy that will be supportive to cre ate the theoretical understanding regarding research topic. I also learned about the deductive approach that will help to prove or reject the hypothesis systematically. Along with this, I understood that qualitative data that can help to generate the theoretical about research issues. At the same time, I also created my knowledge regarding the secondary sources that were collected by using existing information. I learned about different kinds of sources that will help to collect the secondary data such as journal articles, authentic websites, peer-reviewed, and online and offline sources[4]. Evaluate what you learn The business research was effective for me to obtain the further research in future. I observed that there are different changes may be created in the business environment as cloud computing could be beneficial for me to deal with improving rivalry. Along with this, I learned about different factors that can be included in the research to ethically perform the research appropriately. These factors are confidential data of respondents, referencing, and manipulation of data[5]. I observed that research might secure the private information of respondents to appropriately perform the research in case researcher cannot secure the confidential data of respondents then it can create the issue in the research[6]. In addition, I also understood that proper referencing can also be effective to complete the research in an ethical manner. I learned that manipulation of data in the research can create the complexity to do research systematically. Therefore, I analyzed that such factors can be effective for the researcher as well as a reader to perform the research effectively. Along with this, I also learned that researcher will use simple words in the research because it could also include in the ethical consideration. In addition to this, it can also be evaluated that I also developed my knowledge regarding research limitation that will directly affect the outcome of research[7]. I gained my knowledge about some significant factors such as lack of utilization, time, and cost. It will affect the performance of research. Further, I learned about the Gantt chart that can be supportive to identify the appropriate time to perform the research activity. In additionally, I deeply understood about the t ime of research activities such as research topic selection, development of research plan, literature review, and research design. Other activities are research methodology, data collection, data analysis, Constructive Argument, Initial Draft, conclusion, and Final submission of the report. I observed that knowledge about time schedule can support to improve my time management skills. It will also help to improve my personal as well as professional life in future[8]. Conclusion It can be concluded that I learned from performed various activities and increased new learning. The learning and understanding enable me to conduct the surveys through questionnaire and gathering the data from the different field. It also maintains accurate outcomes. This research also enables me to take participate in other projects and activities. References Agarwal, P. (2013). Cloud computing and energy efficiency cloud an alternative to green computing.International Journal of Science and Research,2(11), 294-296. Bhisikar, P., Sahu, A. (2013). Security in data storage and transmission in cloud computing.International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering,3(3). Faisal, M., Madeswaran, T. S., Gupta, S. (2015). Emphasizing Big Data Engineering and Software Architecture on Cloud Computing.IJCSIT) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies,6(3), 2852-2855. Liu, Y., Dong, B., Guo, B., Yang, J., Peng, W. (2015). Combination of cloud computing and internet of things (IOT) in medical monitoring systems.Management,8, 12. Mahboob, T., Zahid, M., Ahmad, G. (2016, August). Adopting information security techniques for cloud computingA survey. InInformation Technology, Information Systems and Electrical Engineering (ICITISEE), International Conference on(pp. 7-11). IEEE. Mohammed, M. A., Aljumaili, A. T. Y., Salah, H. A. (2014). Investigation the role of cloud computing in the business value for optimal criteria.International Journal of Enhanced Research in Science Technology and Engineering,3(6), 111-8. Mustafa, L. M., Elmahy, M. K., Haggag, M. H. (2014). Improve scheduling task based task Grouping in cloud computing system.International Journal of Computer Applications,93(8). Raza, M. H., Adenola, A. F., Nafarieh, A., Robertson, W. (2015). The slow adoption of cloud computing and IT workforce.Procedia Computer Science,52, 1114-1119. Sevak, B. (2013). Security against side channel attack in cloud computing.International journal of engineering and advanced technology (IJEAT),2(2), 183. Wei, J., Cheng, Q., Penty, R. V., White, I. H., Cunningham, D. G. (2015). 400 Gigabit Ethernet using advanced modulation formats: performance, complexity, and power dissipation.IEEE Communications Magazine,53(2), 182-189.

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understending cloud computing Essays - Cloud Computing,

Understanding cloud computing: Cloud computing represents a major change in how we store digital information and run computer applications. Instead of running programs and storing data on an individual desktop computer, everything is hosted in the "cloud" an assemblage of computers and servers accessed via the Internet. Our applications and documents are in the process of moving from the desktop into what experts call the cloud thousands of computers and servers, all linked together and accessible via the Internet. With cloud computing, everything we used to do on our desktop computer is now done over the web; we can access all our programs and documents from any computer that's connected to the Internet. How does cloud computing work and how will it affect the way we work? The software programs we use are stored computer we own. The documents we create are stored on the computer on which they were created. And, although documents can be accessed from other computers on a network, they can't be accessed by computers outside the network. With cloud computing, the software programs we use aren't run from our personal computer, but are rather stored on servers housed elsewhere and accessed via the Internet. If our individual computer crashes, the software is still available for others to use. The same goes for the documents we create; they're stored on a collection of servers accessed via the Internet. Anyone with permission can not only access the documents, but can also edit and collaborate on those documents in real time. The applications and data served by the cloud are available to a broad group of users using different operating system platforms; access is via the Internet. Any authorized user can access these docs and apps from any computer over any Internet connection, using the common web browser. It isn't apparent whether cloud services are based on HTTP, HTML, XML, JavaScript, or other specific technologies; to the user, the technology and infrastructure behind the cloud is invisible. In short, cloud computing enables a shift from the computer to the user, from applications to tasks, and from isolated data to data that can be accessed from anywhere and shared with anyone. The user no longer has to take on the task of data management; he doesn't even have to remember where the data is. All that matters is that the data is in the cloud, and thus immediately available to that user and to other authorized users. Inside the Cloud: How Cloud Computing Works? In cloud computing, a network of computers functions as a single computer to serve data and applications to users over the Internet. The network exists in the "cloud" of IP addresses that we know as the Internet, offers massive computing power and storage capability, and enables wide-scale group collaboration. Simply, the cloud is a collection of computers and servers that are publicly accessible via the Internet. This hardware is typically owned and operated by a third party in one or more data center locations. The machines can run any combination of operating systems; it's the processing power of the machines that matter, not what their desktops look like. Individual users connect to the cloud from their own personal computers or portable devices. To these individual users, the cloud is seen as a single application, device, or document. The hardware in the cloud is invisible .This cloud architecture is deceptively simple, although it does require some intelligent management to con nect all those computers together and assign task processing to multitudes of users. Understanding Cloud Storage One of the primary uses of cloud computing is for offsite data storage. With cloud storage, data is stored on multiple third-party servers, rather than on the dedicated servers used in traditional networked data storage. When storing data, the user sees a virtual server?that is, it appears as if the data is stored in a particular place with a specific name. But that place doesn't exist in reality; it's just a pseudonym used to reference virtual space carved out of the cloud. In reality, the user's data could be stored on any one or more of the computers used to create the cloud. The actual storage location may differ from day to day or even minute

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The White House and its Machinations in Latin & South Americ essays

The White House and its Machinations in Latin & South Americ essays The White House and its Machinations South of United States Borders I look forward to a great future for Americaa future in which our country will match its military strength with our moral restraint, its wealth with our wisdom, its power with our purpose. America was established not to create wealth but to realize a vision, to realize an idealto discover and maintain liberty among men. The United States government and its branches have throughout history ignored the meaning of these quotes, just as it has ignored human rights violations in the interest of capitalism. In Nicaragua a major anti-socialist group was committing atrocities: Rape, starvation, and disciplinary tethering were tortures that new contra recruits were forced to endure. The contras were supported unconditionally by Washington and trained by the C. I. A. In Chile the Pinochet military junta murdered thousands of Allendes supporters. The regime was backed fully by the White House. Over the course of the past century and a half, economic and strategic interests were put above all moral and ethical priorities when involved in foreign countries. This nations leaders consistently express pride in the rights to freedom and justice, yet have exemplified the perfect contrary through the governments behavior in Cuba, Chile, Panama, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. The hypocrisies and lies perpetrated by the American government were extensive and deleterious to its good name, and the actions taken by this notorious government were crippling to our Latin American neighbors. Take, for example, Cuba. This island country has had a history of Communism, even under Batista, ruler before Fidel Castro came to power. He had appointed to his cabinet the first avowed Communist ever to serve in any Western government. (Smith, 316) However, Cuba has been a target of American hostility ever since Castro took power. The United Stat...

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Operation Management Concepts Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words - 1

Operation Management Concepts - Case Study Example This paper illustrates that the major role of having the operations management activities aligned properly in a business setup is to improve on the productivity and profitability of a business as these activities tend to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the production process. Every business should thus ensure proper organization of their operations management for improved productivity at reduced costs. The set of processes and activities involved in the creation and delivery of goods and services by transforming inputs to outputs is what is defined as operations management. The Case study is a description of the processes and activities involved in the harvesting and packaging of Lettuce and celery in the fields of Lincolnshire. These activities are performed manually in the fields by a number of personnel who play different roles in the process. A number of persons have been assigned the task of picking the products to form the gardens while others are involved in packag ing and labeling of the products for transportation to the different outlets. From the input transformation output model, the transformation is seen as any processes and activities involved in the conversion of different inputs into outputs that have added value. The products of the transformation process have more value designed to satisfy the customer's tastes and preferences as well as attracting more customers and thus profits. In the case study of Lettuce and celery harvesting, more value is added to the products by removing the unwanted parts and packaging into bags that improve the handling of the products by distributors and customers as well. This adds value to the products and thus fetching better prices for the products.